• The following information on this page is intended to meet the learning standards and outcomes for IUPUI NEWM-N 285.

Persona Research.

The following example persona was created for my NEWM-N 450 class over redesigned a website called Minot. The site sells hand crafted wooden iPhone and iPad cases out of Holland.

To view the additional persons for this project press the button below.

Interactive Design Documents.

For the above personas I created some concept sketches and images on what an interactive website redesign for Minot could be. Please press the button below to see the contents.

For additional images and information press the button below.

heuristic evaluation.

Due to the general length nature of heuristic evaluations I have provided a button below that contains a PDF of a heuristic evaluation of the ticketing system that UITS uses.

usability testing.

The below video is usability testing conducted on Lilly's corporate website.

All course projects and data.